Thursday, August 20, 2009


I wanted to post here about the podcast catching client that I use. First of all I am a banshee user and my mp3 player is an iRiver E100, which I love, but will hopefully go over that another time. My iRiver only has 4GB of storage and a microSD slot, but the two are treated seperately by the iRiver. So I do not have enough storage on my mp3 player to just sync up all of my music. I had was finding it difficult to keep my podcasts and music seperate in Banshee, so I just decided to have another program manage my podcasts, enter hpodder. I am not a command line guy by any means. I have a GUI and like using it, but I am not afraid of the terminal. So when I found hpodder I decided to give it a try and it works great. After installing if you go to a terminal and type

it will update all of your podcasts. To add podcasts you find out the feed address and type in
hpodder add [url]
you can also tell it to only get a certain number of the most recent podcasts, you can only update certain podcasts. There are a good number of simple commands that give good functionality to the program, if you ever forget what the commands are typing
hpodder lscommands
will show you all of the commands. I think hpodder is in the debian repos, it can be installed by typing
sudo apt-get install hpodder

Give hpodder a try if you are in need of a podcatcher it is simple and very fast.

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