Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Details AWN

I received a comment from a reader wanting to know more info about the dock I have installed on the bottom part of my screen. So I wanted to write a post about how I got the dock working.

So the wiki installation page for Avant Window Navigator (AWN) is http://wiki.awn-project.org/Installation This place is really good for getting it installed.

Now this version of AWN doesnt provide any applets which to me are the coolest part of the dock. You will need to install AWN trunk version for applets, but don't do that yet. :P

The trunk version has trouble keeping icons on the dock, so let me tell you what I did. First of all I installed the standard version that the wiki provides. I then put all of my icons that I wanted on the dock. I then removed that version of AWN and installed the AWN trunk version. Which directions can be found http://wiki.awn-project.org/DistributionGuides#Testing_Package_Archive. This will provide you with cools applets like file managers, menus, weather icons. All sorts of cool stuff.

Thank you Jason for reading the blog and posting comments. Keep up with the blog because once I am done with school I am planning on updating this more often. Just very busy trying to do school and work at the same time.

Thanks and God bless,