Friday, April 4, 2008

Facebook and Picasa

So I use Picasa from Google as my photo manager. I wanted to add a Facebook button to Picasa. Facebook has a button that does this for you at This however did not work for me because my Firefox did not have a protocol for Picasa ( in other words the link says picasa://... which Firefox had no idea how to handle). I tried to add the protocol manually but was having no luck. So here is how I added the button without the install script. This worked on Windows for me but should work within any operating system.

Go to your Picasa folder. For me this was c:/Program Files/Picasa2. Then go to the buttons folder. Open up a text editor, ie notepad. Paste this code inside of the file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><buttons format="1" version="1">
<button id="custombutton/facebookupload" type="dynamic">
<icon name="outputlayout/poster_icon" src="runtime"/>
<tooltip>Upload photos to Facebook</tooltip>
<action verb="hybrid">
<param name="url" value=""/>

I got this code from and take no credit for it at all. Save this file as facebook.pbf. Restart or open Picasa.

Hope this helps anyone having problems.

Thanks an God bless,


Erhardt Gergő said...

OK, but where do i find the picasa folder in linux?

Aaron said...

Erhardt: I must say this was a great question and I forgot to mention in my post that I had done this on windows. However I think I found what you are looking for. Picasa runs through wine on linux. This is where I found the buttons folder:

/opt/google/picasa/3.0/wine/drive_c/Program Files/Google/Picasa3/buttons

You are going to have to create this text file as root or sudo. I have not tested the code here but I hope you can test this and let me know if it worked for you. I would be happy to help if you have any more questions.

Erhardt Gergő said...

Oh... Sorry, but i'm useing the linux version of picasa... I have only bad experiences with wine, so i prefer not to use it...

You've got any solutions with theese options?

Aaron said...

Well Picasa doesn't need to have wine installed to run on linux but it uses the wine libraries. I suggest giving it a try on linux it works very well, but if you really don't want to use it then there are a good number of other photo management programs out there. For Gnome there is F-spot. KDE had digikam, which is designed for photographers, and then they have one that is a little more basic. You could try those out.

Erhardt Gergő said...

Sorry, I mean i'm useing picasa, and i'm not useing wine... (:
Anyway, if i have to edit, manage or anything else to do with pictures, i prefer to ure PS+, bridge and other adobe programs.
But my windows sucks so i've two machines the one has got the windows XP SP3 and the other one has the linux. And my parents also prefer to use the windows-machine, so we solve it.
I'm use picasa just to upload the pictures.
And it semms to be a great idea to use your button! (:

Now i've search for it and i've find the libraries that you mentioned. (:
But there is only one file:
'core-lh2.pbz' is this the one what i've to modifie? How?

Thanks a lot! (:


Erhardt Gergő said...

And sorry for my english, you know i'm hungarian... (:

Aaron said...

your english has been great. You will actually create a completely new text file with that code in the file. Then just put the file in that folder. That should be it if I remember correctly

Erhardt Gergő said...

Megagigalol! (:

I've just clicked on the link ( and after that i was delete the last characters to watch the site totalli and it redirected me to the facebokk app: picasa. Now on i've installed it without any text creating... (:

And it works! Really! (:

Thanks! (:

Aaron said...

good I am glad to hear you got it working. Thanks for checking out the blog. Once I am done with school after this summer I am hoping to post more frequently

Erhardt Gergő said...

(: ok! (:

have a nice weekend! (: